1. Menu row section.
  2. Channel list column.
  3. Past programs that was aired 7 days behind.
  4. Playing now timeline indicator.
  5. Future programs playing today.
  6. Play icon shows on all programs playing now until 7 days behind. Just click on any to watch instantly.
  7. Record button will be available only on future programs. Press to future record any show and it will be save instantly in the recording section.
  8. Program selection by date 7 days catchup. If you know which date you have missed and the program you can go back to that specific date instantly by choosing from this drop menu section.


Simply scroll backward on the time line and pick any
of the previous programs. Press on the desired
program to be watched and the button will turn red
indicating that it was selected. Once selected a
video on the right side will appear with some info
about the program.

To play any program you can either double click on
the progam to play instanly or you can click once
on the program and a small menu will appear on
right side with the video and the info displayed.
Click on the play button on the to start
viewing your program.

Already know the date a program has been aired on? Simply go to the drop down menu section that contains the date and press to pick between the past 7 days. You can also go to search page on the top menu and just type in the name of the program in the search box and you will be given all the past episodes aired during the last 7 days.


The ON DEMAND page shows everything that has been aired and recorded in the last 7 days and split into categories.



Select the Guide page in the top menu and click to
open. Scroll down to the channel required for
example we chose BET NETWORK and selected the
upcoming program named Music Mix and as seen a
video on the right side menu shows a circle icon
or you can just double click on the program box from the guide.


Once you press Record and you approve the Add
record task, the system will schedule this program to
be recorded whilst it is being aired. You can also
check all the recordings in the Recording page in the
top menu.


To manage the recordings enter the RECORDINGS
page on the top menu and you will be able to see
what has been recorded previously and what has
been scheduled for recordings


Press the ON NOW page on the top Menu then pick any of the live channels playing.

Once the channel starts playing a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen of 5 seconds including 7 buttons. You can always bring back this menu at any time by pressing one time on the screen.

To make any channel become one of your favorites, simply press the heart shaped button indicated as number 3. Once selected the heart shape will turn completely white indicating that the channel has been saved in your favorites section. If at any time you wish to cancel any of you favorites, simply click back again on the heart to turn the heart back colorless.


Click the Help button on the bottom menu to reveal a pop up menu with 4 options.

  1. Click to notify us of any issues. This will create a support ticket to our help desk and we will check your connection and respond by email.
  2. Click to show your playback stats.
  3. Click to reload stream.
  4. Click to close help menu.