Unlimited 4G Broadband Internet with built in WIFI

4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice

Red Stick Wireless has acquired with their service vendor the ability to offer Unlimited broadband internet access. Unlike satellite with data caps, and stipulations.RedStick offers just simple straightforward internet access using 4G LTE towers.

Get Unlimited internet with the Red Stick 4G LTE Broadband Router. Get high-speed internet at home or away, this router securely connects  up to 10  devices wherever there is a 4G LTE signal.

  • 3.15in


  • 7.09in


Stay connected away from home

No more worrying about finding a Wi-Fi signal away from home, whether you are at a hotel, Grandma’s or your vacation destination. With the Red Stick 4G LTE Broadband Router and service, you get a reliable, secure phone and Internet connection anywhere within one of the Most reliable LTE networks.

Rural Internet connectivity in one solution

With the current Red Stick 4G LTE Broadband Router , you can  access the Internet on multiple devices, simultaneously.

Connect your devices to the Red Stick 4G LTE network

It is easy to connect with the secure, reliable MiFi powered Red Stick 4G LTE Broadband Router . Wirelessly connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled laptops, computers, tablets, eReaders, gaming consoles, music players, printers and more. Connect up to three computers and printers via Ethernet. Enjoy download speeds of 5 to 12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2 to 5 Mbps.

Get connected in minutes—it is easy

Just plug it in!

Connecting wired and wireless devices is a snap. The touch–key navigation screen puts information right at your fingertips.

Check signal strength directly on the device

*Since the Device is designed to operate only in an indoor environment, please be prepared to provide your location inside the premises to public safety personnel during any calls to 911. The GPS chipset embedded in the Device will work best if the Device is located near a window or other opening.
NOTE: May not be compatible with certain home security systems. Check with your home security system provider to confirm the compatibility requirements of your system. Not compatible with fax machines, DVR services, credit card machines, medical alert services or some High Speed or DSL Internet services. Contact your service provider to determine if Internet service is available as a standalone offering.


Height 7.09 in
Width 3.15 in
Depth 5.44 in
Weight 14.8 oz
Battery Standard Li-Ion (2150 mAh)
Display 1.54” 128 x 64 OLED touch – key navigation display
Network 1X 800/1900 Mhz for voice; 4G LTE Mode for Data; 4G LTE 700Mhz Capable Band 13 – 700MHz; 4G Public Static IP Capable; Not CDMA Compatible; Simultaneous Voice and Data in 4G.
Processor Qualcomm MDM 9615

Order service    or chat with a customer service agent for service availability. Or call 1-888-551-1790